seicho foundation lives to promote balance and growth in the individual and society

People are constantly affected by what they sense in the environment, and customize it to neutralize or enhance certain elements. Painting a wall, calming music or the scent of flowers will change an experience, and may be the result of some intuitive need rather than a purposeful act.

These actions affect emotions and energy on some level, sometimes less subtle than other times. Becoming more aware of unconscious efforts to balance our environment and our selves, and learning additional techniques and tools can offer control over things that may contribute to a state of imbalance [increasing energy, releasing stress, etc]. Enter seicho and our experiential installations and events, informative workshops and community offerings, launching art into action.

Art and music are increasingly being acknowledged for their health benefits by Western science. Even if it simply calms a person by creating a pleasing environment, reducing stress is vital to improved health and reducing the risk of certain illness. The benefits can go much deeper and more technical however, particularly with sound and music.

To crack through the apathy of our populace [oversaturated with mass media, dulled by mass literacy, obese from mass consumption, numbed from mass input], our tactics will be unexpected. Our complex medium will be the message behind and beyond simple expressions.

This is the manifesto of our movement.