seicho has no ownership, and will not be used as a medium to promote the individual ego, reaching instead to [re]present a collective spirit through anonymity.

We are a group of :

  • yogis
  • artists
  • engineers
  • designers
  • acousticians
  • project managers
  • creative strategists
  • sound practitioners

Who have high-level training and experience in :

  • sound therapy/ healing
  • branding + PR
  • A/V installations
  • yoga + meditation
  • film production + post
  • record label management
  • music composition + production
  • event management + production

seicho continues the shift from the ‘fine’ arts towards purer expressions. We are for art that blends idea, site, form, method and timing :

  • That steals, and gives
  • That is auto-creative – of change, movement, growth
  • That co-exists with society
  • That is not condescended by collection
  • That extracts soul
  • That redefines, that transcends lines
  • That challenges minds, that lingers inside
  • That reflects the beauty of the transitionary, art that lets go
  • That lasts moments, that makes the viewer experience time
  • That never leaves
  • That thinks, that acts, that is

For specifics on our board and team, please connect.